My purpose for being here, for posting what I have written is to invite as many people as I can to come and join us in a joyous walk with God, free from the constraints of religion or anything else. A personal relationship with The Creator who has moved Heaven and Earth to save you, meet your needs and comfort your soul comes free; no strings attached. He is the author and finisher of our faith. That word finisher means that it is He who perfects you. You can never do it yourself.

I was reared as a Seventh-day Adventist, so much of what I have written is aimed at those whom the Lord is leading out of that cult and the many other legalistic cults. It takes one to know one, and I can share with you the path from religion to freedom, and a personal relationship with the Lord.

On the surface, some of the images and articles on this site may be shocking to those pursuing a walk with God because they seem to attack Him by attacking His Church. What I am attacking; what I hate, and what God hates is false religion and the thousands upon thousands of churches that divert souls from walking with God.

Religion is Satan’s substitute for a relationship with God. The Church is not, and has never been an organization, but an organism; the living Body of Christ. My attacks are not on Christ or His Church, but on those false shepherds who make their followers twice as fit for hell as they are themselves.

In some of the articles, I describe my previous condition as Pharisaic. If you are a Jew or Muslim coming to Christ, my experience may be of real value to you too, since the religious constraints we struggle against are very similar. Whether it’s labeled Christian, Jewish, Islamic, or whatever, religion is religion, and no substitute for a personal relationship with our precious Lord. Religion has been cunningly crafted by Satan to keep people from following the Lord.

All wisdom flows from the Lord and I take no credit for anything of real value you may find here. God anticipated our every need when creating the pages of scripture, His divinely-inspired word. It is through that medium, guided by the Holy Spirit residing within us that we learn of His love, His sacrifice, and His plan for our lives.

With a ministry that is focused on those trapped in legalism, I sometimes feel like I have been put in charge of passing out bitter pills. People cling to their religion, and their unsaved family members and friends because it comforts them. It’s familiar, and our conditioning rails against the changes that moving on with the Lord requires. Our flesh longs for the flesh pots of Egypt.

Walking with the Lord requires that we surrender our will to His. In His infinite love, He seeks to remove those barriers that block our path; those chains which hold us in their power and interfere with the kind of uninhibited access that God desires to maintain with us. It is that perceived loss of control against which religious flesh rebels most strongly. I pray you will open your heart to Him completely, lay your cares on Him, and follow where He leads. You’ve come this far…

I want to mention a precious brother from whom I have learned very much. Greg Lauer, a humble, obscure brother tapping on his computer from his home in Taiwan has faithfully recorded many of the things that God has shown him on his website. (alittlestrength.com if the link doesn’t work for you) The support for Israel image found on this page is his inspired creation. Greg is a scholar of scripture, and a veteran of many skirmishes on the internet wherein he answered people’s honest questions and defended the Faith from purveyors of false gospels. His work reflects many years of devoted digging and studious attention to the word of God. In defending what God has shown him, he has repeatedly returned to the bedrock of scripture to support each claim.

When I launched this page, my menus were a huge mess and I was frustrated at every turn by the publishing software. God ordained that my faithful wife become an active part of this ministry in the same way that she has stood beside me for nearly 48 years. My weaknesses are her strengths and t’other way around. Where I had been blocked and hindered by the software used to create this web page, she has put things in order and created an inviting experience with astonishing ease.  We still have many miles to go.

If you should revisit any of the articles on this website, you will likely encounter some alterations; edits which I have made to state a truth more clearly or with more love. God is not finished with me yet, and as I learn more about His love and His purposes, I will add those edits that God made to me, to these articles.

If anything I have written offends you because it was said with too little of the love of God, please contact me and let me know. I will hold it before the Lord and do my best to make it reflect the heart of God. However, I will never compromise on a core belief regarding the road to salvation, though I am happy to discuss it with you.

These words may never be read by anyone, that is up to the Lord. In sharing them, I have been obedient to His leading, and enriched immeasurably in writing them.

If anything written here blesses you, please share it with someone else.

As proof that my gift from God is writing, not speaking, I made four YouTube videos which can be found here.

The few videos that I made feature content that can be found in written form on this website, but if you are fascinated by demonstrations of the ravages of time, or just curious to see what I look like, I invite you to check them out. Trust me, the articles will be much easier on your eyes. You have been warned.

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