A Thousand Shall Fall

First, this note from Naomi:

Hey everyone,

I’ve been busy as a beaver lately, and only get to the computer late in the day when I tired out. Sorry about that. 

There are so many rumors and theories online, I don’t know who to believe. I’d be happy to see the swamp drained, but I think God’s the One who’s going to do that. If Trump could do it, it doesn’t appear he’s very engaged in it. He notices the swamp creatures, talks about them, then goes on his way. I hope the information you read is correct, Lonny. The problem I see is that most everyone with money and power is part of the swamp. Trump has been heard praising the Clintons recently. He’s related to Hillary. Most of what we get from Washington is theatre. They entertain us with their lies. 

Food is getting scarce in Oshkosh. It’s not just about toilet paper anymore. I think most stores are out of that, but even pet food is sold out now. 

Newell’s book* is so rich, it does take study and ruminating on what one reads. I take a page or two at a time. 

My neighborhood has created a network on Facebook to help each other with needs over the next weeks or months. It’s wonderful to see people offering their help to each other. 

I wonder if there’s an asteroid storm coming or something equally catastrophic. Why are the rich leaving America? What do they know that we don’t?

I believe the rapture could happen any moment. That article was interesting, Jerry. I think the swamp may be relocating, as they’ve got their underground shelters in New Zealand and other parts of the world. 

These are the times that try men’s souls…. I pray the Lord will draw people to Him in their fear and stress. Yes, it’s reminiscent of Nazi Germany. A takeover is coming. Antichrist will rise up to be the phony “savior” of the world.  

Keep your eyes on Jesus everybody. We know He is able to keep us from falling. Accept no substitutes. 


So, how are things in your neighborhood?

Good morning, Beloved of God,

‘A thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, but it shall not come near you.’ That makes us observers of the things happening around us, not participants, or worse, victims. Our citizenship is in Heaven. In a very real way, Jesus has already written His name on our foreheads. When people see us, they are seeing Jesus.

So good to hear from you, Naomi. Your views reflect my own. Politicians make all kinds of promises to get votes, but they are increasingly meaningless. Not so much because of their intent, or the resolve with which they go off to Washington, but because they confront a monstrous entrenched bureaucracy that has not been voted for, nor does it ever go away. Elected officials confront a bureaucratic inertia that is overwhelming, led by powers, principalities, and rulers in high places. The visible leaders are puppets at best.

It doesn’t matter. We’re not looking to any of them to perform any miracles. Even when they do act, some godless judge steps in to block their attempt to accomplish anything. Look at the battle over the border wall and illegal immigration. Look at the unbelievable support for the mass murder perpetrated by Planned Parenthood. The solution for this is not to drain the swamp but to remove the Restrainer and let their wickedness come to the full.

There is a point at which almighty God says ‘That’s enough!’ and steps in with His wrath. Their sins pile up to Heaven and then God pushes the flush lever. We won’t be there.

I continue to marvel at the unconscionable way that the media continues to do their siren and flashing lights coverage of this unremarkable flu bug. They announce the names of people whom have tested positive for the virus as if it was AIDS they had contracted; this despite the fact that they have no symptoms and are not ill.

It gives me great hope as it seems clear that they are intent on crashing the present system. In the face of repeated record drops in the stock market, they have announced a bailout package of perhaps a trillion dollars; money for every person and every company. [The official cost of the bill rose to two trillion. One rumor estimated the entire cost to the country at six trillion.]

Their actions cry out for judgment and like John, we will soon be looking to see who is worthy to open the seals on the book as described in Revelation 5. John was weeping because he knew that the judgments, that could only be executed if the seals were removed from the book, were the key to the end of Satan’s reign on the Earth and the coming of the promised Kingdom.

Your comment about the asteroid storm, or whatever was interesting. Casey mused about what would happen if a major catastrophe like a massive earthquake was to occur now, on top of everything else.

In the Rapture, will we be caught up by angels, or will that ability to soar into the heavens be one feature of our new bodies? I suspect the latter, but maybe we will need some time to learn to fly.

I hear what you’re saying about the *Roman’s commentary. In spite of the fascination it has for me and the joy, I can only do small bits at a time. It’s almost like it is so rich that I get filled up very quickly and need time to digest what I’ve read, or for the Holy Spirit to imprint it on my spirit.

It is like I’m learning about salvation all over again. Though we are no longer under the law in any way, the book seems to outline the legal action that God took to save us, making us His own in a way that no one can ever question. We very literally died to the law with Jesus at the cross, and now the life we live, we live in Him. Hey, that sounds familiar.

Jesus didn’t keep the Law on our behalf, He died on our behalf and thus fulfilled the law. We are not under the Law, and neither is He. How clear it becomes that our works now in no way have any impact on our salvation, either positively or negatively. Sinful acts only impact our fellowship with God and it is for that reason that the apostles implore us to avoid satisfying the lusts of the flesh.

We are living in a very exciting time. Keep looking up. None of us is going to starve. There are no actual food shortages, only overstocked pantries. The media deliberately continues to show images of empty store shelves to get people to strip store shelves. That can only continue for so long before alarmed people either decide they have enough, or run out of cash.

I’m pleased to hear about that neighborhood Facebook network designed to aid those in need. It might be a good place for believers to voice their confidence in God, to reassure those gripped by a spirit of fear.

I’m so glad to hear from you all, even if it’s just a sentence or two to encourage the rest of us.  I love you, in Christ and every other way.   Jerry

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The Romans book we are referencing is the marvelous: Newell, William R.. Romans Verse-by-Verse – Enhanced Version . Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Kindle Edition. Available here.

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