Getting our Bearings

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Happy Sabbath, Beloved of God,

One of our main pursuits at this time is to function as a loving Body of believers, bearing one another’s burdens as we watch together with hope and anticipation for our Lord’s arrival to snatch us up into the heavens and carry us away to stand before God’s throne.

We know we are in the season of the Rapture. We know it. Israel is back as a nation; positioned perfectly to play their role in the coming events. Very few people, even believers, thought that could happen prior to 1947. It was that unbelief that led to so much fiddling with God’s word, substituting the Church for Israel. Now, back from the valley of dry bones, they stand before God, prepared for judgment and redemption.

The Revelation 12 astronomical sign in the heavens that occurred on September 23, 2017, and was so widely discredited by the actions of a single brother who led so many to a major disappointment – well, that was a legitimate sign from God that we believers are in the season of the Rapture and on the final lap, headed for the finish line.

It is for that reason that we see so many people moving decisively to take a stand either for faith or unbelief, to love God or to reject the completely free gift of the sacrifice of His dear Son. The Age of Grace is drawing to a close. This dispensation, the Church Age, is very nearly at an end. I am dubious about the odds of anyone who rejects the Savior now to turn to Him when the judgments begin to fall. I hope I’m wrong.

That polarization we are seeing as people choose sides is the bundling of the tares, preparing them for burning. It is also another sign of the coming Rapture; one that saddens me.

Returning to Israel: Not only are they back, but the nations named in scripture that will attack them as described in Ezekiel 38 are massed at their northern border. What it will take for them to launch the assault is nothing less than God’s sovereign hand, stirring them to action. It is a truckload of plastique (or dynamite for us old codgers), just waiting for the spark that ignites it.

The realignment of the nations of the Earth into ten regions or principalities is actively underway. The driving force behind that realignment will be what it has always been; money. The draconian measures enacted by the world powers to shut down productivity while at the same time amassing debt like the world has never seen can lead to but one result: Economic collapse.

This two-trillion relief bill that just passed is full of pork and amounts to little more than a tax of $6,006 on every man, woman and child in the nation. Further, I heard a rumor, probably originating from conservative talk radio, that the actual cost of this “crisis” will be six trillion. Trillion is a number that we cannot even begin to fully appreciate. Something has to give, and once our economy collapses, the other world economies will fall like dominos. The only viable solution for the starving millions on Earth will be a reset and realignment.

The U.S. is likely to tell China to take a hike and eat the massive debt we have created with them as we bought virtually everything that is manufactured from them. The first seal is the pale rider, given a crown, going forth conquering and to conquer. That means World War. The Church will be Raptured before any of the seals are opened.

If the rider on the pale horse is Antichrist, as we believe, he is also the little horn that will take down three of the other horns that oppose him. He will be credited with the peace that follows and even Israel, deluded by God Almighty, will exalt him as the Messiah.

Take heart and rejoice, because when this occurs, we will be standing before the throne of God, decked out in our white robes and the crowns that we received at the Bema seat!

I write all of this as just a minor recap of the major signs that we are seeing. I strongly recommend, a website written by Greg Lauer, a dear brother, a real man of God. He writes a monthly article and a weekly commentary. If you go here, you can see this week’s commentary that details these forces that are likely pushing to a realignment of the nations of the Earth into those ten regions. (Scroll about half-way down the page to the commentary.)

He also links another article from Bloomberg that explains the new push for globalization that supersedes the European Union efforts and sees the formation of ten collections of nations that glom together out of symbiotic interest.

Be encouraged! Be excited! The actions being taken to deal with this current “world pandemic” are taking the nations of the world down a path that they cannot return from; a one-way road to their destruction. I cannot see any way they survive the economic collapse that is almost certain to result from the runaway spending and shut down of productivity. World famine looms on the horizon, and so does our deliverance!

Be encouraged as you watch with us for the Blessed Hope that must be about here.  We love you.  In Christ,  Jerry

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