Meeting God in the Water Closet

Does God take advantage of our rare, quiet, solitary moments to speak to us during the pit stops required for these earthen vessels? What do you think?

Meeting God in the Water Closet


After watching a video by a precious sister in the Lord, wherein she remarked about a load of critical comments she got after telling about something the Lord had shown her while she was tinkling, I posted the following comment under that video:

Jerry Bartholomew 2 days ago

And now, for a nurse’s perspective: Anyone who has not heard the voice of the Lord while in the water closet is missing out. To attack you for mentioning it is not in the Spirit of 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter. Not to be indelicate (here it comes) but these bodies were wonderfully and marvelously created by our Lord’s own hands.

Each part serves a vital purpose in our service to Him, and He is not embarrassed by them. Our system of elimination was not something imposed on us after the fall. I sometimes wonder where the restrooms will be in Heaven. We know from scripture that we will both eat and drink in our resurrection bodies. That has to go somewhere.

Though it rankles the sensibilities of religious folk, the reality is that we are now humans in human bodies, and when we see the Lord, we will be like Him. He had a body like ours when He was here, and we will have bodies like His when we meet Him in the air.

Warning: All of you sensitive folk look away now.

I have little doubt, knowing what I know about groups of men that the disciples snickered when someone farted. At least one of them probably had a gift for it. Those guys didn’t just go to church together, they lived together. Our God has a wonderful sense of humor, and a love that covers us. If He wants to speak to us while we’re having a quiet moment by ourselves, I bow to His sovereign will.

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