JULY, 2018

Chats With Diane: July, 2018

Welcome to this quiet corner in the Panhandle of North Idaho. Months ago, I began a correspondence with a sister in Christ who lives near one of the Great Lakes. As we communicated back and forth, it became evident that the Holy Spirit was helping to guide our exchanges, providing encouragement and direction to each of us as we wait together for the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Over the months, it became apparent to me that such encouragement and counsel could minister to others in the Body of Christ, outside of our immediate acquaintance. From that desire to minister to the Body this website was born. It serves as a kind of shared journal, documenting our joys and concerns as we walk with God. Perhaps it will never be seen by anyone. That’s OK because we have been richly blessed, just in the writing of it.

If these letters do convey something of the word of God though, He has promised that it will not return to Him void, but accomplish the purpose for which He sent it. (Isa 55:11) I pray the power of God will minister to you as you share in these exchanges, and that He will be glorified for His lovingkindness to us.

First Contact


Hi Diane,

My name is Jerry Bartholomew. I got your email from Barry. I wanted to follow-up and see how you are getting on. Barry told me that a number of people had reached out to you, to meet your need, but I want to see if it has been met in ways that will sustain you as time goes on.

If you would like to chat about this further, contact me at (my email address).

In Christ, Jerry

First Response


Hi Jerry,

I’ve been overwhelmed by the gifts I received at a time when I was struggling greatly just to feed myself. I’m quite accustomed​ to eating one meal a day, so things were rough. I wasn’t able to go to a local food pantry, because I had no money to put gas in my car. I have food now, and I have some money.

I received news last week that my 35-year-old daughter has end stage pancreatic cancer. I’ve had to travel to visit her in 2 different hospitals, as she was in critical condition and was transferred about 230 miles away. The money is making it possible for me to make the drive. I can go twice a week, but can’t stay overnight. It’s enough right now. I’m so grateful I can do that.  

I don’t know what the next weeks will be like, but I think I can get through July okay. Doctors are still trying to stabilize my daughter so she can be transferred back to a hospital an hour’s drive from me. That would be a big help.

I’m incredibly grateful for the people who gave so generously to help me. The strain has eased for now, and I can deal with saying goodbye to my daughter. Thank you so much for being part of Barry’s ministry. I praise God for His love and care. He used Barry, and his people to meet my needs and comfort me.




Hi Diane,

I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. My wife Casey and I are retired RNs and in my practice I saw a fair amount of pancreatic cancer. It is one of the worst, in my opinion. As Christians, we believe our steps are ordered of the Lord, and that all things happen to us for our good and His glory. It is a wonderful comfort to know that we do not suffer as the world suffers, but that our suffering produces an eternal dividend; a closer walk with Him and a more effective ministry. I pray she is saved.

When Barry first approached me with your need, I confess I was in a cloud, and could not get a clear leading from the Lord about helping you. I comforted myself with the confidence that if I had missed the will of God that He would provide for you through other channels. He isn’t limited by our infirmities. We had previously helped a sister in Chicago who, it turned out, made a career of preying on the generosity of the people of God. We had no experience dealing with faceless people on the internet or the predators that prowl about there.

In your situation though, I missed the will of God by trying to be a good steward of what He has given us. Please forgive me.

We are not rich by earthly standards. I became disabled seven years ago by a toxic hip implant. I thought we would lose our home here in the mountains of Idaho. But God (do you watch JD Farag? He is a wonderful man of God who loves those two words “But God”) Anyway, But God not only provided sufficient means for us to stay where we are, but He has miraculously allowed us to become givers.

I believe He is leading us to help you. Casey handles our money, and isn’t up yet, but I think we can send you some money today, and probably on something of a regular basis to help ease your situation. We have found that sending the money through Walmart is safe, reliable and convenient. Our situation is like the widow who fed Elijah. The supplies just keep coming.

If you have a phone that you can receive text messages on, that is very convenient for us. Otherwise, we can use email. I actually prefer it because I can use a full keyboard to type with both hands. Please send me your number if texting will work for you.

Here is our contact information: (Address and telephone numbers)

This help comes with no strings attached. It is His money, we are merely the stewards of it. I would urge you to join a local body of believers if you haven’t. They would benefit so much from the gifts that God has given you. I know from experience though that such fellowships can be hard to find. We have gone for more than three decades without finding a body of believers that we fit into. Everybody wants to play church.  But I digress.

Casey will email you, or, if you send us your cell number, text you later this morning to arrange some help for you.

In Christ, Jerry



Hi Jerry,

I probably spelled Jireh wrong, but I have “the Lord who provides” going through my addled brain often these days. This morning, I found this verse in Psalm 68:10 “….and from your bounty, O God, you provided for the poor.”  How great is our God! Thank you, thank you Jerry and Casey!

I somehow lost your email yesterday, and can’t explain it even to myself. My mind has been stress-impaired since my daughter was hospitalized. At first it was shock, but now it feels like I’m dreaming when I’m awake. Just an FYI in case I don’t make sense. : )

I worked in healthcare in a hospital setting and at a clinic before becoming disabled in 2007. I worked in diagnostics, and enjoyed being taught by one of the pathologists at his microscope. I’m sorry you’ve experienced the loss of your career. I loved my job, and I know how hard that is.

I’m in complete agreement with you regarding churches. I’ve had 3 difficult experiences in recent years trying to fit in churches. I was almost forcibly removed from my last church (I actually feared the pastor was going to physically attack me). I talked about my relationship with the Lord, and he called it “causing dissention”.

I’ve been waiting to hear on the liver biopsy they did on Karen, so I haven’t been to Walmart yet today. I will be going soon. I don’t have words to thank you for such generosity. I’m accustomed to poverty and struggle. If I have extra of anything, I’m always looking for someone with needs I can meet. I understand the way God gives through His people. I’m trying to help a woman who is living in her van with a little dachshund. We share food with each other, actually.

I know God has control of my daughter’s life and mine. Karen’s mental state isn’t very good. I don’t know where her heart is, but God is greater than anything trying to destroy her body and soul. I trust that His will is being done for her. Thank you for your prayers.      

I do so appreciate your help. I don’t blame you for being cautious. I’ve been taken advantage of through the internet, so I understand.

Do you need prayer for anything? I’d be honored to pray for you. God is so good to answer prayer. We’re His children and He doesn’t ignore our requests.




Hi Diane,

Don’t worry, we’re not in that group of believers that get all wound up about using precisely accurate Hebrew terminology or anything like that. He knows when we’re talking to or about Him.

I had planned to work for at least seven more years when I started having problems with my hip. God had other plans, and I don’t regret a bit of it. Our relationship with Him has grown so wonderfully as He led us through tough spots that I count it all gain. His compassion and support have been there at every turn, and I guess He has to put us in water over our heads before we reach out for His help. We still have a way to go, but doubt we will be in these bodies much longer.

I laughed at your description of that last “pastor”. Casey and I traveled with Blair, our adult autistic son to Boise last summer for a Watchmen conference and to see the solar eclipse. We were following Scottie’s teaching at the time and he was a guest speaker at the conference.

We were expecting a gathering of the Church of Philadelphia there, and hoped to find someone who knew about such a fellowship around our area here in North Idaho. Unfortunately, instead of Philadelphia, it was Laodicea. They had assembled a cavalcade of wiz bang speakers to tickle the ears of the attendees, and Scottie was the latest sensation. The conference was two days plus a bus-trip up to the continental divide to see the eclipse on Sunday. After the first two sessions, we skipped all of the rest except for Scottie. Oh, and the solar eclipse made the whole trip worth the time and money. Also, it was eye-opening to see the current state of the church. God had a purpose in it.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with Scottie. We love this brother and I think he is an excellent teacher, but we were new to teaching about the rapture at the same time the Revelation 12 thing was revving up, and we got caught will all of the date-setting and date-hopping. Scottie was pretty much the face of that whole thing; then he vanished appropriately when expectations were unmet.

Wow, this is getting long. Anyway, though we still follow a few of the watchmen, primarily Barry, we have found another brother, an excellent teacher who has a website where he posts articles and commentaries he has written that have taught us a amazing amount. I found it linked to Unsealed.org when I was searching for teaching about what would occur during the millennium. You might want to check him out. Here is an excellent example of the kind of guidance and encouragement that feeds us now: http://www.alittlestrength.com/articles/2018/1804-watch.htm .

 Of course we need prayer, but as far as I can tell, just in a general way. God recently freed us from a major source of oppression that I had not even recognized, so I’m leaving the details up to him. We also have ongoing relationships with Lee and Donna, two other members of the Body we met through Barry’s ministry. They both need prayer, and I have little doubt that much of the blessing we have experienced of late a result of their faith and prayers for us. This little fellowship could use another sister. Casey can provide you with their contact information.

We stand with you in faith that God’s hand is on your life, and that He is able to make this situation with Karen work out for her (and your) good and His glory. We believe His will is going to be accomplished.

In Christ, Jerry



Oh, I thought that conference was for the awake believers who are watching and waiting for Jesus to return. How disappointing that must have been for you. That’s sad to hear.

I do know Scottie and followed him for a while, especially around the time he was invited to speak at the conference. I’ve reduced the number of watchmen I follow now, too. I’ll look up “Unsealed” and use the link you sent tomorrow. I’m just too tired to absorb it right now. Thanks for that information. It’s not easy to find people who are genuine and don’t have selfish motives.

I’m feeling so blessed to have found people from Barry’s channel who are sincerely watching and longing for Jesus to appear. The Lord has improved my lot through you and a few others, so many fold, it feels like this is a preview of heaven. I’ve struggled for so long, I can’t even remember what it’s like not to. Even a brief respite is such a gift.

I’d be pleased to keep in contact and to join your small group. The Lord answers prayer, and wants to know us intimately, and to be known. I don’t know of any churches who are teaching their people to know God – they might know about Him, but Jesus will say, “Depart from me. I never knew you.” How incredibly tragic to hear those words. I pray for people all the time as I go through my day. I think He has them cross my path just for that purpose.

Thanks for responding to my email so promptly. I’m so grateful to you and Casey. I don’t know why the Lord answered my prayer for help in this unusual way, but perhaps it’s because we’re so near the end. Maybe the struggling will be over soon for all of us. How amazing will that be?




Hi Diane,

I think God probably put us together just because we confront the same problem of not being able to find a local fellowship of believers who are eagerly watching for the Lord’s return. This online fellowship works very well for us. I believe JD Farag is our pastor, along with Barry, and though small, the gifts of the Spirit flow back and forth in our little body.

Scottie is a man of God, a teacher, who I believe fell into one of the snares that we are all vulnerable to while we remain in these sinful bodies. He will be fine, and I expect to dine with him at the marriage supper of the Lamb. The date-hopping wore out a lot of people who I fear may lose that crown reserved for those who love His appearing, though they will still be saved. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. That is the main reason I recommend the teaching of this brother, Greg Lauer who posts his articles and commentary on www.alittlestrength.com.

You don’t need to access it via Unsealed, that’s just the path the Holy Spirit led me along to find him. Though no less enthusiastic to see our Lord return than we are, his teaching supports a more consistent, eager but patient anticipation that avoids the disappointment engendered by hopping from high-watch date to high-watch date.

How is Karen? Did you get the liver biopsy results? I went through this with my older brother back in 1970-71 when he died of cancer at the age of 26. We bow at the feet of Jesus and trust Him, knowing that he makes all things work out for our good. We’re standing with you though this, dear sister.

We will continue to help ease your situation as the Lord gives us the means. He is the miraculous source of supply and we are just walking in some of the good works that He prepared for us to walk in before the foundations of the earth. If we fail, He will provide your needs through some other channel. He never fails.

In Christ, Jerry



​Hi Jerry and Casey,

I’m writing to one of you, but I hope you can both read my emails. I just thought it must seem like I’m ignoring Casey. : b

Just an update on Karen and a comment or two. Your words resound in my heart and mind. They are the same thoughts have been mine for many months. J.D. talked about “end times fatigue” a while ago. I’ve been there for some time with waiting for certain dates that come and go, yo-yoing our emotions. I decided the Lord didn’t intend for us to see these events/dates as something to look toward, but to always be focused on Him.

Yes, the lack of fellowship with the Body of Christ has been difficult for me, too. My conclusion, which is almost frightening, is that the Body has grown quite small in these last days. People believing they’re Christians, but they’re only involved in a façade of Christianity in the local church. Narrow is the path that leads to life and few are those who find it.

I haven’t listened to Greg Lauer yet, but I promise I will. I received some upsetting news this morning regarding my daughter. She was ready to be transferred closer to home today, but her fever spiked to 102, and doctors believe she has a superbug. I’m receiving a message through many means, though, that Jesus is coming, and because of that, Karen won’t have to die from pancreatic cancer. It might be my wishful thinking, but the Lord has shown me many signs in the past week. I’m trusting in Him, though I break down in tears and sobs like hiccups now.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost a brother to cancer. I’ve lost an uncle recently to pancreatic cancer. I had Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma myself. How wonderful to have our new bodies without sickness and disease! Jesus is coming for us. He will make all things new.

Praying for you and rejoicing to have found you. I’m so thankful for you and your support.

Yes, I believe Scottie is a man of God. I look forward to meeting him, too.


In dealing with some of the acute situations that arose, our conversations took place via telephone calls, the content of which has been lost. Also, for a brief time I only saved the messages from Diane, not my responses.



Hi Jerry and Casey,

Just wanted to let you know my daughter is being transferred to her local hospital today. It’s such a relief to know she’ll only be an hour’s drive away. I’m an old geezer and road trips aren’t my favorite anymore.: )

Thanks for the prayers for Karen and for me! There’s still cancer and sickness, but the fever’s gone, the wound on her foot is beginning to form granular tissue, and her bilirubin has come down. All good news and improving her comfort.

Praise the Lord with me!

Diane ​



Hi there,

I had some messages from Donna today. Very sweet lady!

Just wanted to give you an update on how things are going. I got caught up with my bills this month, and only had to endure one mildly threatening overdue notice. That’s thanks to you! It’s such a relief! I’ve always paid my bills until last month. I don’t know how to say a big enough thank you! I don’t want to know what comes after the first threatening letter. I was thinking homelessness wasn’t far off.

My daughter is in her home, but she’s so weak, she’s mostly in bed. She needs a miracle to regain some strength or things will go downhill from here. With your medical knowledge, I’m sure you know this better than I do. I’m praying so hard. Physical therapy is only 2 times a week and hasn’t started yet.

Do you guys feel your yearning for Jesus to be increasing? I’m getting signs and touches from the Lord so often, and I break down in tears when I hear someone mention Jesus coming again. Music that mentions it does that, too. I feel as if He’s very near. It might just be me. : )

My needs have been met so that I’m not living with deprivation and anxiety for the first time in a long time. As hard as I tried to believe God for my needs, I couldn’t stop feeling anxious about it. I prayed to be freed from the anxiety. I still can hardly believe how wonderfully He answered.

Thanks for making me a part of your “family” as Donna said. How wonderful will it be to gather before the throne of God with all of His children in our eternal family!?

Diane  ​



Thank you for sharing Lee’s phone number and situation. I’ll pray for him, and contact him, too. My dad died 11 years ago. My 90-year-old mom is in heart failure.  

Karen has been in a wheelchair for 2 years with neuropathy in her lower legs and hands. ​She has told me she’s grateful for people’s prayers. She accepted Christ as a teenager, but she hasn’t been living her life well for a long time. She’s angry about the things that have happened to her. I know God knows what He’s doing. He’s working out things for her good.

The persistent widow is one of my favorite stories. By our persistence, we can get our prayers answers. Our gifts are different. You must have the gift of giving. My gifts are mercy, faith, and helps. It’s an honor to be used of God, isn’t it?

Thank you again for the fellowship and prayers.




My daughter, Karen, fell today and broke her leg. She was just taken by ambulance to the hospital. It feels like an insurmountable setback.

Karen has suffered for 2 years in a wheelchair. I pray for God’s will in this.


P.S. Will pray for Blair and Lee



Hi Diane,

I hesitate to recount my story because I don’t want it to come across as a complaint, in any way. God has ordered our steps, whether through trials or blessings. We have never had a better relationship with God, and so, have never been happier.

I was an ICU nurse at the Spokane VA hospital and had gotten the training I needed to become a vascular access specialist. I even earned a masters degree in nursing. I had organized an IV clinic and established a system of coding to get credit for all IV care delivered in the facility. That is all technical stuff but suffice to say I had created a job I loved. I led a team of nurses who put in central lines using the latest technology so that our success rate was over 99% and infections almost nonexistent.

I had planned to work for at least seven more years….But God…. Had other plans for me. I developed avascular necrosis of the right femoral head, likely due to a severe fall I experienced two years before when a step on our rickety deck gave way. After trying physical therapy as a remedy, unsuccessfully, I had the hip replaced, but experienced some complications. When I returned to work, weeks later, I had no stamina. After putting in a central line, a procedure that took about 45 minutes, my scrub shirt would be soaked with sweat. If I did more than one in a morning, I would go back to my office, put my head on the desk and pray no one would call me for an IV start.

To make a long story short, (too late now) I ended up having the hip replaced three more times, but the lack of stamina, along with some other symptoms only got worse. It was only within the last month that I finally found out what the condition is called: Arthroprosthetic Cobaltism.  I was poisoned by the heavy metals shed by the metal-on-metal joint. At the time, no one knew about the condition and I was seen by nine different physicians in ten months in a search for the cause. I’m not complaining! After three unsuccessful attempts to return to work, our head nurse informed me that I no longer had a work assignment; a tricky way of firing me without firing me.

It was all of God. Through this He has brought us, brought me into a much closer relationship, revealed the rapture to us and taught us to become givers. The Word has never been richer and I am excited about the millennial kingdom that is coming (hey, not to mention the rapture!).

Enough about me. My first reaction to you saying that Karen was being transferred to a care facility is positive. I hope it will benefit her and you. We will continue to stand with you, and please let us know if we can help in any way.

In Christ,   Jerry

PS! Thank you so much for your prayers and the prayers you solicited on our behalf. God has made some wonderful changes in our lives during the past few weeks, and I know it is all because of the intercession of our family in Christ. We are so sick of this world and the daily abominations we see heralded so shamelessly from every quarter. Like you, we not only want His soon return, we desperately need it; according to His will. The sweet incense you have offered to God for our sakes is deeply appreciated. 

Maranatha, Jerry

God’s Sovereignty


​Hi Jerry,

I didn’t hear any complaining at all in your story. It actually has similarities with what happened to me. It almost makes me think God ordained these calamities to bring about His purpose. Americans tend to think success in life equals a good job, a nice house, and all the toys one wants to be happy and comfortable. That’s not how God sees things.

I left an abusive marriage, and went back to school in my late 40’s for nurse’s training. I got sick during the first school year and finished second semester classes, actually lying on the floor, (which the instructor allowed). I was misdiagnosed for 3 years, but had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and was stage III when it was found. I then had 2 strokes following4 surgeries and chemotherapy, and all my plans went awry. I worked in the hospital setting for a few years after that, but couldn’t handle full time hours, and was finally forced to leave my job, rather than be fired. That was 2007. I’ve had a struggle ever since, but there are people worse off than me that I’ve been able to help.

My friend Paula, who is currently homeless, has a similar story, too. She has porphyria, and had to quit working 4 years ago. She’s fifty years old. She helps others, though she has nothing herself, and is an amazing person. I’m able to help her a little with what God gives me. She passes it on to those who cross her path. This is God’s plan, surely.

I think the Lord uses the weak things of the world to shame the strong, as it says in 1st Corinthians. Thank you for sharing your story. I prayed for you for hours yesterday, and though I didn’t know details, I trust the Lord met your needs. In this world we have trouble. Jesus said that plainly. It’s not this world we’re living for. Oh, that we might soon be able to go home!  I believe my daughter will be delivered from her suffering when Jesus comes. He is coming!

We look for that eternal weight of glory to be revealed….. Praise His Holy Name!


I discovered, to my sadness that for some inexplicable reason, some of my messages to Diane during the remaining days of July were not preserved. Until the August ’18 correspondence, I can only post one side of the conversation in some cases, but if necessary, I will insert explanations about things that Diane referenced.

Isaac on Mount Moriah


Hi Jerry,

I heard the story of Abraham and Isaac on Mount Moriah this morning in a song, and felt that this is God’s promise to me regarding my daughter. Karen will somehow be spared from death. I hope it’s not just my denial at work. The Lord has one of my children already. I’m hoping there’s a miracle for Karen, or the Lord Jesus is going to descend from heaven with a shout. : )

I’m back from the university hospital, and Karen’s condition is much worse. The doctors are contradicting themselves, but there is no treatment plan. Karen has clots in her portal vein and mesenteric artery. Her liver is diseased, her pancreas is partially dead and the pseudocyst has grown by 2 cm. Her spleen is partially dead. Her kidneys are compromised. She has several pockets of ascites. She has a massive hematoma on one leg, which is being watched. She’s on Coumadin and morphine. The doctors said yesterday, “Our approach is to do nothing.” They want to discharge her home to die. I asked a lot of questions but every answer was to do nothing. It appears that death is the expected outcome, but they wish it to occur at home.

I know it is all worthwhile, the suffering we’ve been through here on this earth. The Lord reached down to me when I was a child suffering incest by my father. He reached out to me again when I lost my first child through complications from abuse by my husband. I’ve come through so much, and I know God is always faithful to get me through the waters, the fire, and the flood. ​He has sustained me for 64 years. All I desire is to be with Him.

I pray we’re going home together. If Karen doesn’t survive, I’ll be with her again soon.

Thank you for your friendship and prayers. I feel at peace. That’s the Lord’s doing. Praise Him with me.


I believe that because of the critical condition of her daughter during these final days of July that my much of my communication with Diane was occurring over the telephone so that we could immediately address any need. As an experienced ICU nurse, I could see that the clinicians caring for her saw no possibility that she would survive, and under pressure from utilization people in the facility were trying to free up her bed.

Peace in the Face of Peril


Hi Jerry,

I may try calling you later today, but I’m waiting for news on Karen right now. I was in Madison, Wisconsin, with her yesterday. She developed internal bleeding since Friday, and was being infused with packed red cells. Her hemoglobin dropped to 6.6.

This morning, the large wound on her leg popped (it was an enormous blood-filled blister), was debrided and dressed. This may actually allow the interventional radiologist I spoke with yesterday to administer tPA to try to dissolve the blood clots. Otherwise, death is not far off. Her liver, pancreas and spleen are occluded, and next would be her small intestine, which we’re told would be the end of Karen.

That said, I’ve been so encouraged by your emails! Your words are a balm to my heart. I believe we’re so close to the Lord’s return, it’s within the realm of possibility that we may all go to heaven together, Karen included. God is in control, and when I ask if Karen is going to die (as the doctor’s have said), I always feel at peace. I told Karen, that it may not make sense, but I believe she’ll be okay.

I may have to start driving back to where Karen is at any moment. I wait by the phone for news. It’s a 3-hour drive to where she is.

Thank you so much for your prayers. Perhaps a call when I feel less anxious would be better. I’m trusting, but the fight or flight response is in play. It’s very difficult to concentrate.


A Call For Prayers

Hi Diane,


I put a call for prayers for Karen in the comment section of Barry’s baby video yesterday, so that He and many others who follow him are helping to bear this burden. All we can do is pray and wait to see the deliverance of the Lord, or His reception of Karen into His loving arms. Whatever our personal needs, the timing for the rapture was established before the foundations of the earth, and will be neither sped up or delayed based on the actions or perceived needs of men. That being said, I don’t see how we can be more than days or at most weeks from that glorious departure. It could happen today.

Casey isn’t up yet, I’m the early riser, but we would like to talk to you on the phone. I know one of my early emails went astray, and it may have been the one with our contact information on it. I imagine that if Karen was sent home, you have your hands full, but we won’t take much of your time.

I will look back through your letters to see if I have your number. I don’t find it listed in my contacts, and that is something that I definitely would have added if I was awake.  Being Sunday, Casey may sleep in, but should be up without fail by nine. We’re in the Pacific time zone, an oddity since we would be in the mountain time zone if we weren’t right next to Spokane, Washington. Give us a call if you have the time and feel led.

In Christ, Jerry

PS. Can we help get you a room where Karen is?

Plans for Discharge


The hospital’s plan was to discharge Karen tomorrow to a facility closer to her home, which is an hour’s drive away from me. Thank you for offering. I think they will discharge her as quickly as they possibly can. They are a “for profit” facility and sent a dying man next to Karen home on Friday, because Medicare wouldn’t pay anymore. It’s disheartening, but they’re up front about it. Karen is on Medicaid. They could find a better paying customer for her bed. I won’t know until tomorrow if discharge is still being considered. I’ll let you know. You’ve been wonderful support. I really appreciate you!

May God reward you for your kindness. He promises that.


Prayers Answered


I’m so grateful to you and Casey for your support and your prayers. This old lady has had a bumpy ride, and Karen has been at the door of death, but there’s finally life being restored. Karen’s liver began to function through new channels, and that has saved her life.

I don’t know if rebuking the blood clots in the name of Jesus was the catalyst, but I was moved to do that on Monday afternoon. Karen’s jaundice and her illness were at their worst on Sunday. Now, she’s being transferred to a nursing home in Appleton, Wisconsin, today. She still needs a lot of care. I’ll be going there to make sure she gets it.

I hope you two are doing okay. I’ve been so wrapped up in my own crisis, I haven’t even asked how you’re doing. I’ve been praising God and thanking Him for you. ​You’ve been such an encouragement to me! I’ve asked the Lord to meet your needs and bless you for your kindness. I know He can do that so well.

I’ll let you know how things go. Karen’s got a lot of tough work ahead of her. She’s paralyzed in her legs and hands. Her pancreas is still inflamed. Her liver is diseased. Praise the Lord for sparing her life!

Thanks again for all you’ve done.


The Age of Grace


Hi Diane,

You’re so welcome. Though we are not in the day of miracles at this point, God almighty is able. Being in the Age of Grace, we are led to walk in faith, not as the Israelites who could see the Red Sea open, feed on manna and live in the shade of the cloud that shaded them by day and kept them warm at night. We walk by faith, and can look forward to the sweetheart deal of all eternity as we are snatched from the path of His wrath and are elevated to rule and reign with Him. Regardless of the path He leads us by, we will all meet in the clouds, very soon. We know He has His hand on you and Karen.

Our focus has been a bit divided as we have also been praying for God to lead Lee through an impasse that he has encountered. Turns out, his next door neighbors are Satanists, blasting demonic music at all hours. The husband, who incidentally is reportedly dying of renal failure, confronted Lee for listening to audio recordings of the Bible on the front porch and in his apartment. The wife swore to put a satanic curse on Lee. I told Lee to pray for them and He said that he had been. He was floored when I told him this confrontation may be the result of his prayers. This couple is afraid, probably hating God. This may be their path to salvation, or God will take them out for attacking one of His servants. ‘Stand still and see the deliverance of the Lord’ I told him.

I haven’t heard from Lee for a couple of days. He has to reach into the Lord and walk through this trial, I can’t do it for him.

Praise God for moving Karen within easy distance! I have prayed about her a lot the past few days and like you, I am at peace. As His servants, we either continue to serve Him here, or we enter into rest, to return with Him at the Rapture. There is no downside, only joy.

I did want to qualify a message from earlier in the week about legislation the Knesset passed regarding the status of Israel as the Israel of God. Neither JD Farag nor Greg Lauer at alittlestrength.com commented on this in their weekly commentaries. I did some digging, and found out that what the Knesset actually did was codify, or pass into law things that for the most part were already established. That Gary at Unsealed sensationalized it as some kind of major milestone smacks of the date setting and date hopping we all experienced a year ago. Some of our brothers got their egos involved in leading many through a process that only made them heartsick with disappointment. The Lord said watch…watch.  Needless to say, I will take any future messages from Unsealed with a grain of salt. Even Barry got sucked into it, and I know his heart. Barry is a Godly watchman and there is no ego involved.

Thank you for your prayers. I actually could feel someone praying for me at 0645 yesterday morning as I was reading. I thought it was probably you. We are battling forward. My Arthroprosthetic Cobaltism seems to be getting worse, but I am God’s to do with as He wills, and rejoice at the relationship we have with Him. I have some doctor’s appointments coming up next week, and I am optimistic that we will be able to address some of the symptoms now that we know what we are dealing with. ‘Let the bones which thou hast broken rejoice!’  I’m going to find Appleton on the map now.

In Christ, Jerry


Hi there,

You’ve been such good friends and much appreciated support as I’ve dealt with my daughter’s illness, the traveling, differing needs and the stress. Prayers have been answered and God receives the glory!

Karen is at home with in-home care again. Whether or not this will be enough remains to be seen, but she hated being in the nursing home, and neglect was obvious there. I can’t get the sad pictures out of my mind of helpless people who are unable to leave that place. This is one of the better nursing homes available.

We just learned Karen has a broken foot, as well as the jaundice, ascites, pancreatitis, liver disease and paralysis. I wondered if you have any ideas on ascites? She gained nearly 40 lb., which is all fluid. She’s not on a diuretic, and no one plans to do paracentesis. I’m really concerned, as it’s affecting her extremities now, too.

I’m sorry about your health issues. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through. I would think you never feel well with this ongoing condition of heavy metal poisoning. I’m praying for you.

We await our Savior’s appearing, and pray it will be very soon. Warnings are everywhere. I wonder if the smoke from California fires ever reaches you? If only people would repent and turn to the One who can save them!

May God grant you grace today for life and peace.


Happy Sabbath!


Hi Diane, and happy Sabbath!

Thank you for your concern for me. Such care is a part of the ministry of the Body of Christ that we have missed as we have walked along in relative solitude. This affliction is only temporary, and has already yielded benefits that are eternal. I am content, and happier than at any other time in my life, basking in His presence. It is frustrating though to be unable to accomplish chores and projects I want to get done.  Last summer, with Casey and Blair’s help, I built a spiffy outhouse. This summer, all I have accomplished is a gate.

Karen’s ascites is likely the result of a combination of effects, mostly related to the liver. The liver produces the serum proteins that help to retain water in the intravascular space. As the liver fails, the blood loses its hold on water and it leaks into the tissues. Another mechanism is the back-pressure produced in the venous system of the gut as blood flow to the liver becomes constricted. That forces even more water into the tissues. You probably already know all this stuff.

We used to treat the condition by infusing bottles of albumin intravenously, but the benefits were transient at best. Paracentesis is also only of temporary benefit. She needs a new liver. If God is going to take her, I pray he does it quickly. Otherwise the fluid buildup can progress until the respiratory system is compromised.

I suspect that only God can improve her condition. Keeping her as comfortable as possible is probably all we can do, short of a miracle. Have they provided her with adequate pain medication? The insanity of the recent war on opioids has made providers gun-shy about prescribing pain medications but I hope she has what she needs. It seems like home hospice might be a good option for her.   

We had a lot of extremely smoky weather here last summer. It came primarily from British Columbia and Washington state, though there were also some big fires in Montana. It was serious, wrath of God smoke that kept people indoors and lasted for weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets even worse this summer. God is winding things up and America is under judgment, along with the rest of the world. The Savior is at the door which Barry’s silver doorknob dream seems to confirm.

I know God is holding Karen and you in His hands, and is directing each of your steps. I really don’t know what the path is for you, going forward, but this would be a really, really good time for Him to snatch us out of the way and turn His attention to Israel. We stand with you as you look to the Lord for His lovingkindness and guidance.

In Christ, Jerry

The Lord’s Day


Dear Jerry and Casey,

I’m always grateful to you, and I love the way you write. Thank you for the information about ascites. I’m not sure what stage of liver failure Karen is in, but I know she has symptoms of stages II and III.

I feel very blessed to get an email from you. You’re very eloquent when speaking of your faith and Godly things.

I stopped viewing Sunday as the Lord’s Day long ago. Satan has done so much to counterfeit and corrupt the things of God, but the Sabbath day is Saturday. We should be able to get the commandments right, shouldn’t we? I think there are many of us who have become isolated, because we’ve left the apostate churches, and lost touch with others like us. I’m grateful for the internet, and God using it to connect us with each other. Barry’s channel is a blessing.

No need for me to ramble on. Your insight has been helpful to me. Thanks again.

Prayers for you. I know not being able to do what we used to do is frustrating.


The Flow of the Spirit


Hi Diane,

Once we contacted you, we both felt an immediate closeness with you; the recognition of another member of the Body as the Holy Spirit whispered in our ears. We are in this together. My ability to write is a pure gift from God, no credit to me. I think Barry hit on how such gifts work in one of his videos this weekend when he tried to explain why he makes videos. For him, it is as much for his edification and encouragement as those who watch.

By writing, I find out what the will of God is in situations, or reap encouragement myself. Not putting myself on the level of those inspired to pen the scriptures, but I’m certain that many of them reread things they had written with awe and thanksgiving.

Last November 4, I felt I was led to write a message to my big legalistic Seventh-day Adventist family via Facebook titled Lord of The Sabbath. It’s still on my timeline if you want to read the whole thing. One of the miracles of the Sabbath commandment is that it speaks about Jesus as our Sabbath rest. The deep irony of it was that this commandment which the Adventists use as the thing that makes them special to God as they try to keep it, actually condemns them for trying to work their way to Heaven. If we continue to focus on our works as we come to Jesus, our Sabbath rest, we reject His gift of salvation. That always ends in death. It isn’t a legalistic thing at all.

[The Lord of the Sabbath appears on this site under Hidden Treasure]

Casey and I, alone among all of the people in both of our extended Adventist families see the Sabbath as a wonderful gift, a blessing of rest. For them, it is an onerous requirement that is both restrictive and unpleasant. The accusation that they make about us to one another is ‘They believe you don’t have to keep the commandments to be saved’. Well, we do, because you can’t. Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof, they deny the power of Christ’s death on the cross to save us.

Something that came to me yesterday is that Karen’s path, going forward, will be determined by her own faith and desire. God will not take her unless that is what she wants. If He leads her to fight on, for His glory and her good, He will sustain her. If she grows weary and chooses to enter into His rest, or if that is His purpose in all of this and she sees that, He will take her. His love will uphold her and His arms will enfold her. (Hey, that rhymes!)  That goes for all of us who believe. Matthew 9: “Then He touched their eyes, saying, “It shall be done to you according to your faith.” 30 And their eyes were opened.” But again, there is no condemnation associated with either choice, only rejoicing.

In Christ, Jerry

TV Preachers


Hello, friends.

I visited my daughter today, and I want more than ever for the Lord to come and save us from this earth. Karen’s so uncomfortable from the ascites, she has to lie completely flat.  It’s worrying to see how uncomfortable she is. Things move very slowly as far as any help is concerned.

I’ve watched Doug Bachelor on television for many years. You must know him, as a relatively famous Seventh Day Adventist preacher. There have been things he’s said that I don’t believe, but I often appreciate his teaching. I hunger for teaching from God’s word, and it’s not easy to come by. I watch a couple of others TV preachers, but more often than not, I turn them off. I feel that the Holy Spirit warns me away from some.

I’m sorry for the loss of your church family. It’s not an easy thing to leave behind, but I understand your scriptural reasons for it. When the Church is taken up and we join the Family of God in heaven, that will make up for so many hurts and losses this life has wrought in our lives. And God will wipe away every tear…

Karen has suffered so much of her life. I was married to an abusive man, and he didn’t stop with me. He abused our children, too, until I finally reached the point of separating from him. I feel that her disease has altered her mental status, but she has said she’s grateful for the prayers of people on her behalf. She’s been paralyzed and in a wheel chair for more than 2 years. I know she was saved years ago. We talk about God and share answered prayer with each other. I believe God’s hand is in this illness, and He’s using it for Karen’s good and for His glory. I don’t know how, exactly, but I believe it.

I haven’t yet read your essay on Facebook. Stress makes it hard to concentrate, but I will get there. I’m so grateful for you both, and for that feeling of family that we have as believers. I feel as if I know you.

Thanks again for sharing some of your life with me. I love reading your emails. Thanks for listening.

Praying as we await His appearing.