Living in Misery

Good morning, Beloved of God,

God is on the move. The world is in an uproar such as we have never seen. How can this not be a global effort to reconfigure the world system of government? We watch with hope and muted excitement. We don’t know how long this situation may take to develop to the point that it bears the fruit that God intends it to. Even if this is the runup to the kingdom of the beast, God is in command.

My heart is very sad this morning, yet in hope. A situation has been building up over the past months with Naomi. I believe that she struggles because of bitterness that she clings to, and has contentiously fended off every attempt to free her from it.

Months ago, maybe a year, as I awakened, I got a simple little flash from the Lord, I believe, of a feminine voice saying these words: “I will never forgive.” God did not clearly identify the speaker, but I had a sense of the direction that it came from.

Oddly, the main issue that divided us was joy. Naomi considers herself a special case, exempt from the promises of God, condemned to live in misery until death takes her or she is Raptured. Her recent correspondence betrayed her bitterness over her failing health, the death of her daughter Katy, and who knows what else.

I prayed over my last message to her, that it not be a word spoken out of season. I knew it would be a very strong provocation to her as I confronted her unbelief over the promises of God.

Her response to me arrived the next day: “Goodbye”… Blessed be the name of the Lord. Her fight is not with me, and I had resolved not to contend with her further about it. Her fight is with God and His Word. I wanted to get out of the way, and her response effectively moved me out of the way.

Now we can only pray, in hope that God knows what He’s doing. Time is running out for mankind. It is running out for the Church too, in a good way. But I believe God is moving in Naomi’s life to free her from her bitterness and take down her walls to fellowship with Himself and the rest of the Body.

Let me stress, this is not a salvation issue. If Naomi truly accepted the Lord, she is saved and sealed. I cannot judge her. None of us are walking with the Lord perfectly and many people suffering from issues that they refuse to deal with will go zooming into the clouds at the Rapture. How sad though to live in misery when God has promised us joy.

I believe our time here is almost up. Help us to find the will of God and follow His leading in these last days.

In Christ,   Jerry