Loss of a Sister

We had just experienced the departure of a dear sister from our fellowship a couple of days before this was written. My insistence that the promises of God applied to her, as well as every other member of the Body of Christ, conflicted with her contention that Satan could strike her at will, inflicting terminal disease, despite the promises of God for her protection. This had led to a nearly life-long bitterness toward God. I pray she comes back to us.

Good morning, Beloved Family of God,

“Lonnie,” we are so frustrated to find any way to really help you in your illness. It seems like you have reached the point where some kind of extended care facility, or even better, maybe home hospice care would provide for your food, laundry, and other needs. Please, pray about it. Is there a social worker that you could contact to coordinate whatever sources of help you need?

I believe with home hospice, someone could come in and take care of these tiring tasks that you can no longer perform. They would also see that you have whatever meds you need. They could probably also help in ways that we haven’t anticipated. It would just be a brief arrangement to get you over this last rough patch before the Rapture.

As you may already know, J.D. Farag is now doing his teaching and prophecy updates to an empty sanctuary. His prophecy update from yesterday reflects exactly what we have been seeing.

There will be no return from the road that the world has turned down. Things will never get back to what they were before. This so-called emergency that has opened the doors to bypassing the Constitutional and legislative protections built into the system to protect our rights, combined with a sudden shortage of goods, will serve as the impetus necessary to herd the world’s nations into the ten self-interested conglomerates (kingdoms) under ten kings that is prophesied in Revelation.

We do not have to wait for that situation to fully develop before the Lord takes us. I have felt for many months that there would likely be a gap of time between the Rapture and the onset of the Tribulation. These massive changes take time, and I believe the process of rewarding the Bride at the Bema seat of Christ will also take some time. We could be Raptured months, or even years before the onset of the Tribulation. God takes His time. He always has.

From my studies, two things that need to be put into place before the Tribulation is the third Temple, constructed in Jerusalem, and the reconstruction of the ancient city of Babylon on the original site in the land of Shinar. This last is controversial, but the Bible says Babylon because God means Babylon, not New York City, Brussels, or any other city anywhere else on Earth. It is only unbelief that has caused people to insert some substitute for the real thing, just as they did for Israel before that nation was reborn in 1947.

As a focal point for the World’s builders, artisans and technicians, I believe it could spring up very quickly, becoming the most splendid, shining city the World has ever seen, constructed from scratch as the seat of Satan, the Beast, and the False Prophet.

The seeming delay won’t matter a whit to us as we dine together at the Heavenly buffet tables and stand joyously before our God, pouring out the love and worship with which He has filled our hearts. As wonderful as we dream it will be, we cannot begin to imagine how wonderful it will really be. We will be whole, resplendent in glowing resurrection bodies, completely filled with the Holy Spirit and bearing the fruit of His Spirit for eternity: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness and self-control.

We will have to keep slapping people we visit on Earth during the Millennial Kingdom to keep them from falling down and worshipping us. (Just joking here, we’ll probably have a knob on our bellies that we can use to turn down the glory.) But really, eye hasn’t seen, ear hasn’t heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man what our Lord has prepared for those who love Him. I really cannot wait.

Like us, J.D. believes this “World Pandemic,” as legitimate as it may or may not be, is a measure that God is using to shake people and make a last call to accept the Savior before the Age of Grace closes at the Rapture. I have been repeatedly surprised over the past months to see God draw a line between us and one family member after another, effectively instructing us to shake the dust off of our feet and move on as they have reached that point of no return, denying the saving power of the blood of Christ.

I don’t know for certain that they are not saved, only that God has instructed us to move ahead without them. I personally doubt that such people will experience a change of heart after the Rapture. The pattern throughout scripture is one of the wicked hardening their hearts when judgment comes. I pray I’m wrong. Lord…please.

Looking back, I can see that “Naomi” never did agree with my claims of the reliability of the promises of God. She always exempted herself from those promises, suffering alone in her closet. Her image of Heaven was to enter into her private chamber, enjoying Heaven in isolation from the Lord and the Bride. This is the verse about Israel that she applied to herself:

“Come, my people, enter into your rooms,
    and shut your doors behind you.
Hide yourself for a little moment,
    until the indignation is past”. Isaiah 26:20 WEB

When I presented an image of worshipping before the throne of God and serving Him as we intercede for those going through the Tribulation, she responded with that verse, siding with those who believe that the Bride of Christ will sit out the seven years of the Tribulation in her room doing nothing but resting and eating bon bons. She denied our invulnerability to Satan and put God’s promises of deliverance beyond the Rapture. I don’t mean to pick on her, but she fended off every effort we made to free her from the things that make her miserable. I pray she’s saved.

The wonderful news is that our Blessed Hope is soon to become our reality as we are freed from these mortal bodies and the cares of this world to stand in the presence of our Lord for eternity! Unprofitable servants as we may be, we have put the Lord and His Kingdom first in our lives and look forward to enjoying the rewards He has prepared for us out of the abundance of His grace.

God never fails.

Look up, rejoice, our redemption draws nigh!  In Christ,    Jerry