Commentaries on the truth of Scripture

Often when reading the word of God, or studying commentaries on scripture written by men of God, I am confronted with a familiar passage that suddenly shines in a fresh way, or some newly discovered gem that burns in my heart so that I feel like I
must share it or burst.

The commentaries written by Godly men often serve to organize the truths of scripture into clear pictures so that patterns pointing to Christ emerge. When the prophecies of scripture, such as those from the book of Daniel are held up against the historical record, God’s stunning ability to predict the future with absolute precision is demonstrated in exciting ways. All doubt about the infallible and divinely inspired nature of Holy Scripture is removed.

That ability might seem less impressive though as you realize that God is not only predicting the future, He is actually creating it, which is even more awesome(I use that word with reverence, and true awe). The ages are framed by the word of God. He tells us what He has planned so that when it happens, we may believe. Our God is sovereign, and even Satan is made to serve His purposes.

Things shared here have answered my questions, stirred my heart and dispelled the sulfurous clouds of lies belching out of today’s lackadaisical churches. Unfortunately those deceptions are still echoed by many true believers whom have yet to be freed from the bondage that clinging to religion imposes. I hope what I have shared here will help to free them, or you as we have been freed.

If any who are yet unsaved should make their way here, I invite you to make the simple choice to accept the Lord and enjoy the love, peace, and rest that only He can give us. That path is laid out in Romans 10: 9-13. Also, check out the ABCs of Salvation.

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