Rehearsing the Promises of God

Good morning, Beloved Family of God,

With the sad departure of a part of our fellowship, I wondered about the importance of writing a note each morning, but today, I think I see the blessing of it. No matter how we do it, each of us benefits from confessions of faith in the promises of God, or from simply worshipping Him with a song of praise.

By rehearsing the promises of God or looking to scripture as a reference to our daily lives and declaring the truth of what we see, we do, in effect, create our reality. We are bulletproof. Nothing can touch us except by the will of Almighty God.

If a morning seems flat and empty, nothing happening but the same old misery that we confront daily in these decaying vessels, we can reach into a flow of oil, a flow of anointing and joy simply by looking to the Lord, worshipping Him and drawing His blessings down. We can settle for less if we don’t feel like doing anything, but why would we?

By the Word of God, all Creation came into being. We have been empowered as the Body of Christ to speak His word with authority. As we submit to Him, we carry His authority. The demons and all of Creation are subject to our declarations, regardless of what we may see with our eyes.

We can open doors for the captives who continue to struggle along in service to the enemy, but they must come out through their own faith and a declaration that Jesus is Lord. They must respond to the wooing influence of God the Father, the only path to salvation through His Son, Jesus.

Time is running out for them. Eternity has just begun for us; an eternity in close fellowship with our Lord. If they could only begin to grasp the joy and peace that flows from that relationship, they would see how ghastly is the punishment of losing that eternal life with Jesus. The threat of hell does not begin to compare with the tragic loss of eternal joyful life at the side of Jesus.

This correspondence is an opportunity for each one of us to declare our faith in Jesus and in the promises of God. It is an opportunity for each of us to debunk the lies of the enemy that say our Blessed Hope is an illusion and dwell in the presence of our Lord…today.

The world is changing in ways that have never been seen before. This is it. Time is almost up for the Age of Grace. The door to the Ark is about to close as the Restrainer is removed from the Earth.

Fully half of humanity will die. The wrath of God will be unleashed without measure as the world is judged and accounts are settled. The judgment of Israel is the path to redemption for those who believe. They will finally be reconciled to God as a nation and as individuals, and His Laws will be written on their hearts.

It is the act of declaring the Word of God that puts it into action and gives it force. Speaking the Word, even alone in an empty room, creates an irresistible force that goes forth and accomplishes that for which God sent it. We are the hands and voice of God in the Earth.

Pray for the harvest, and keep looking upward; our Blessed Hope could be here any second.   In Christ,    Jerry