The Rise of Tyranny

The tactics used to enslave humanity in the last century are reemerging.

My morning started on this day with a letter from Lonny, who had found a credible explanation for what we were looking at as the world changed before our eyes:

Hello everyone! 

I hope everyone is well…

From what I’m hearing we will have ten days of darkness. Starting April 1st. We will have electricity, but no television or radio. There will be internet, but no social media. YouTube will be available, but they will be limiting videos…

But when this darkness ends in 10 days you will notice a lot of people missing,  particularly certain democrats and top government officials. This is happening because Trump is keeping his word, he is gonna drain the swamp. Many will be arrested for treason and embezzlement.

They conclusively found that the covid 19 corona virus was made here in a college campus by the design of the deep state players. But they also broke the virus down and figured out the mechanism of it’s engineering and they have the ability now to stop it.

This was an attempt to shut our country down, China was a partner with them. But they failed because it didn’t spread fast enough and wasn’t as deadly as they thought.

Also when the ten days end i believe we will no longer be on the Petro dollar, but rather the Gold standard. And Trump is gonna also reform the central bank system and many there will be gone.

So basically our entire system is gonna be reset. Watch the roaches scatter! And when this happens your gonna hear about a lot of suicides, they are calling it suicide weekend after the dark 10 day period ends…

And btw, they are also going after the media and television stations! Many many heads are gonna roll.

Ok just wanted to let you all know what I’m finding out as I’m following all this information. Because what used to be, will very, very soon, be no more…

Well and also I guess this goes along with the old adage, its always darkest before the dawn… 

Ok im going back to bed, goodnight, love all you guys and always remember, Jesus loves you more than anyone… 

                           Lonny 😇  your Wndy 75 News affiliate in Kokomo… 

Good morning, Beloved Family of God,

Lonny, I really hope you’re right! We have heard nothing of these approaching days of darkness, but it sounds like the type of draconian (as in Draco, the dragon (I know that’s not the actual origin)) changes we might expect to see as the one-world government is ushered in. It raises many questions and, if true, transforms Trump from savior to villain as a man of lawlessness.

It sounds a lot like the Night of Long Knives executed by the Nazis in 1934 when they purged many of their enemies. The enemy always thrives in darkness. A similar outrage was perpetrated against the Jews in the Kristallnacht (crystal night) of 1938. The Reichstag fire also occurred at night.

I can’t help but believe, if this is true, that the Rapture cannot be delayed much longer. The Rapture is not tied to the Tribulation except that we know it will not occur later than the onset of the Tribulation. I believe the Church is already present, there in the throne room of God when Jesus begins to open the seals (Revelation 5) and based on our robes and crowns, we have already been to the Bema seat. This belief is controversial, I know, but years of laborious study of Daniel and Revelation leave little doubt, at least in my Spirit.

My point is that there is no scriptural imperative that requires us to be going up as the missiles are coming down. In truth, we can be Raptured when there is absolutely nothing going on. Imminent means imminent. Clarence Larkin suggests that it is possible that the Church will be in Heaven years, even decades before the onset of the Tribulation. What do we care? Our wait will be over, we will be with our Lord and our loved ones in our superb resurrection bodies. It can take as long as it wants to as far as I’m concerned.

The fear machine continues to churn relentlessly. It seems like they are stoking the boiler to get it going hotter and hotter. We got a call from Blair’s job coach Sunday night wondering if we were planning to keep him home this week. She has young, school-aged children, and I could hear behind her question the hope that we would keep him home so that she could stay at home with her children, since schools are shutting down. After some prayer and discussion, we decided to give Blair a Spring Break. He has a lot of sick time accrued, and will not miss out on any of his pay. It’s a win-win for Blair. He likes days off.

Many of these measures to combat the spread of the virus are unconstitutional. They cannot legally interfere with our Constitutional right to free assembly, but in this you see how they employ emergencies as the means to bypass the law. Any who resist will be seen by the herd as hateful, uncaring, rebellious, inconsiderate, oddball, murderous, unpatriotic…the list is endless.

Of note, there was one story criticizing Trump because he told the governors of the states to find their own ventilators. There was outrage that the Federal Government was telling the states to solve their own problems! That is the way the nation was originally designed to work. That is the way it should work. If you want something to be done poorly and expensively, leave it to the Government. If you want it done well and economically, get it done at the state and local level.

Naomi, I hope you’re OK. I know you are facing some ponderous possibilities with your health problems, but in reading Psalms 91, we are transported to another place; one of observers, sheltered in the cleft of the rock. We are even divorced from these bodies of flesh; these carcasses of death. If God wants us to inhabit them, then He must keep them in running condition. There is little that we can do. In the meantime, He uses their failings to keep us close to Himself, to teach us faith and endurance, which brings hope! (And joy!)

Casey said yesterday morning that when she awoke, she felt like a little person in the top of her body, peering out of port holes from the driver’s seat. That is actually a pretty accurate description of how these new creations of spirit inhabit clay vessels. My recent studies of Romans support this viewpoint. God has already reckoned us dead with Christ and not just physically dead, but spiritually alive in Him as well. “God, who gives life to the dead, and calls the things that are not, as though they were.” Rom 4:17 WEB

I feel like we are watching our Blessed Hope coming to fulfillment. I pray it’s true. Don’t get discouraged if things seem to settle down. ‘At a time when you think not’ is when we can expect things to happen. Oh, I thank God for His goodness, His lovingkindness and our Blessed Hope! In Christ,   Jerry

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