The Bones Which Thou Hast Broken

Let me hear joy and gladness,
    that the bones which you have broken may rejoice.” Psalm 51:8 WEB

One of the things I am the most grateful to God for at this time is the brokenness that He has worked in my spirit. No credit for my response to this trial is mine, but something that I rejoice to see as fruit of the work of the Holy Spirit who indwells me.

In every trial, what I long for most earnestly is that my response will be one of worship; to be like a rose that, when crushed, gives forth a sweet aroma to the Lord.

I have been brought low, and in that I rejoice. Now, I pray that I might be restored, by the will of my Lord, to be a witness that glorifies Him in all that I do.

Let my strength be His strength, my every action be in submission and in service to my Lord. Thy will be done oh Lord; on Earth as it is in Heaven. The time grows short and I feel eager to get back into the race, though I have likely never been positioned more in the center of God’s will for my life.

This paralysis is not an end in itself, but a means to an end in service to God. So many have been praying for me. I cannot camp here, but must press forward to see God’s full purpose be served in this. Where are you leading now, oh blessed Shepherd? Glorify your self in this lowly vessel. We are your bondservants, devoted to your service.

What a privilege it is to carry everything to God in prayer! Praise His name with me as we continue to follow Him.

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