The United States of PANDEMICA

Hardly any food, but hey, plenty of toilet paper! Score!!!

First, this from Lonny:

Hello everyone, 

Welcome to The United States Of PANDEMICA…

Apparently the savior of covid 19 is buying as much toilet paper as you can? There is not even a single sheet in this city? 

Did I wake up in another dimension?

Well I pinched myself and it hurt, so I’m awake and not dreaming! I guess a lot of people are freaking out over this. But what worries me more is when the food supply chain is empty here, like right now. People will start doing home invasions looking for food and supplies.

Which normally wouldn’t worry me but I have no protection here, so I’m thinking I might have to get something for protection. My response and reaction time is way off because my heart, and if trouble comes, I need to be ready quick. 

But I may be even too late for that..

Well I tried again today to go to the grocery store and the shelves were pretty empty still. Nothing really, and you can definitely forget about eggs, bread and milk, or meat for that matter.

I ask the store clerk and they said they’re on back order waiting for stock?

Fear does more damage than the actual event really! In all my years I’ve never seen people this panicked and worried that it’s the end of the world? 

All these people will waste most of this food because of hoarding. 

This all could go sideways really quick, depending on the food and supply chain, whether they can replenish soon or not. Because people will start doing things they wouldn’t do out of normal circumstances. Especially men with hungry kids. Yeah I gotta get me some protection. I woke up in a different world than yesterday..

Well I’m hoping this all is a precursor to a very soon rapture. Everything has unfolded in Scripture and the time seems right, Lord willing. After the last few days with ticker not ticking right I’m really surprised I’m still here. Now my heart pain has shifted from a throbbing pain to a solid steady pain. Either way, Rapture, passing away, I’m ready…

Well I’m sure there is nothing more I can think to whine about tonight. So with that, prayers and blessings to you all. Ok love you guys and remember Jesus loves you more…

                                  😇  Lonny

Good morning, Beloved Family of God,

We marveled as we watched the ABC nightly news last evening. What a recital of fear and dread. One report after another with someone of authority saying how this or that thing will likely happen. Nothing has happened! Lonny is right about the fear doing its job regardless of the reality.

Lonny, I would look to the Lord for protection, but a used shotgun from a pawn shop might also help to dissuade minions of the evil one. Never mind. We are God’s possessions and He will protect us. He always has.

We have been watching for signs of the coming Tribulation and I believe we are really beginning to see some legitimate ones. It is even more significant that the crisis is a manufactured one. It’s not a real plague. It is a deliberate ploy, perpetrated at an international level to foster fear.

I remember that in the 70s, when they came up with the gasoline crisis, it was initially reported to have been caused by erroneous planning at the refinery level. Once they had tested it, the story changed to one of actual shortage. Somehow, everyone forgot about the original lie and bought into the oil shortage lie. We were lining up for hours to buy gas. What else could we do?

My point is that this may be happening again. The ‘world flu pandemic’ may indeed only be a trial balloon to help them get organized and refine their strategy. The ‘pandemic’ may pass without anything major occurring, but it is still a sign that the stage is being set and the players taking their places for the big show; the collapse of the current world system and the introduction of the one-world government with you-know-who at the helm.

This is one of those ‘look up, for your redemption draws nigh’ moments. People in this region view this thing with more of a jaundiced eye. This is a conservative stronghold and the markets are still pretty well stocked. We’ve had only a single reported case of the flu in this state, and that’s probably 600 miles away in Boise.

Last week, while there was a procession of shoppers heading to the back corner of Costco where the paper products and bottled water are stocked, there were as many, or more shoppers just doing their regular shopping. I was there for door mats for the Cottage, to help keep the floors clean.

Psalm 91 is marvelous. It takes you away to that place of safety and security with God. That is the power of the Word of God. We are not creatures of this realm, but new creations; creatures of spirit. Our reality is in that other realm. To dwell in the presence of the Almighty is our destiny; the destiny of the Bride of Christ and it is one that we already enjoy, a little.

We will continue to inhabit the realm of spirit as Israel and those Gentiles not of the Church inhabit the physical realm; a literal Earthly Kingdom. Newell* has even hinted that the saved of Israel, resurrected at the introduction of the Millenneal Kingdom will inhabit it along with the living. Maybe he’s right, we’re all just guessing to a large extent based on clues we find here and there. Just to dream about it boggles the mind. We can’t even begin to imagine the things that our Lord has prepared for us!

Be encouraged, the time grows short. I suspect things may even appear to go back to normal for a while, but when things begin to happen in earnest, they will happen quickly. I love you all in Christ,    Jerry

*My reference to Newell comes from this passage:

“Most wonderful counsels are those of God! And what a day it will be, when the Lamb of God returns to reign gloriously! What a day—with the Church in the heaven-lies (instead of the angels—Hebrews 2:5-8), with the twelve apostles (Matthias in Judas’ place) on thrones judging (as those with heavenly wisdom) the twelve tribes of Israel; with the Lord, the Lamb, as their returned Messiah, delighted in as the King in His beauty, the King of Israel; with the mountain of the Lord’s House (Zion) raised above all hills of earth, the wondrous temple of Ezekiel 40-48 upon it, and all the nations coming up to worship the King, Jehovah of Hosts! And Christ, the Bridegroom saying to us, “Behold, thou art all fair My love, there is no spot in thee!” And all about us, at that time, these personal attendants of the Lamb, who follow Him “whithersoever He goeth”!”

Newell, William R.. The Book of the Revelation . Ravenio Books. Kindle Edition.

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