Thoughts on the Corona Virus

A scientist holds in his hand a test tube with the virus coronavirus.[This email was written in the early weeks of the changes imposed on the World by what I consider to be a contrived crisis – the COVID pandemic.]


Good morning, Beloved Family of God,

I woke up this morning thinking about how things are changing, how people are deliberately being conditioned to act and to feel in certain ways. The nightly “newscast” starts with a procession of lies and alarmist claims of what will happen, ‘even if we do everything perfectly.’

It then switches to a nearly unbearable collection of whining, crying selfie videos including purported “nurses” and “doctors” bemoaning the lack of face masks and relating one sob story after another. That is not news; it is not facts; it offers no frame of reference. It amounts to little more than Chicken Little running about shouting that the sky is falling.

One scary story about a vibrant young man mortally stricken immediately after attending a beach dance party failed to focus on the fact that it was a homosexual bash and that the victim almost certainly suffered from an immune deficiency ( ‘nuff said).

The preexisting condition factors leading to these deaths are there in almost every story if you read between the lines a little or look at the photos of the victims, employing some common sense and the assessment skills and instincts developed over decades as a nurse. The content of these “newscasts” comprises nothing more than a combination of lies and propaganda theater designed to foster, spread and reinforce a climate of fear.

A clip picturing five men dressed head to toe in caps, masks, gowns, gloves and all manner of personal protective gear, pushing a dead body on a gurney through a parking lot, described them as “doctors” loading a dead flu victim into a refrigerated semi trailer serving as a temporary morgue. Give me a break! First of all, since when are overworked physicians tasked with the job of disposing of the stiffs and why would it ever take five of them to do it? Are we really supposed to believe that New York City, one of the largest cities in the U.S., has so little morgue space that the dead are now piling up in the parking lots? How stupid do they think we are?!

Glaringly absent from these crudely cobbled collections of horror tales are facts such as a comparison of the number of cases of flu in an average year or the number of deaths that result. So far the vast majority of the alarmist hand-wringing describes things that may occur, not what has actually happened. When the projected levels of sickness and death fail to materialize, these liars will claim it was because of the draconian oppressive measures they instituted. No one will be called to account and in the mean time, our Constitutional rights are being trampled as businesses and national economies are being destroyed.

Even those of us who know the crisis is contrived and phony feel the pressure as our lives are impacted by multiple shutdowns and the bare shelves at Walmart. We are all being conditioned for what is coming, except some of us aren’t going to be here.

Gas prices have dropped as the world’s oil producers struggle to find storage space for the tanker-loads of unused petroleum products. Most of the Earth’s most oppressive regimes derive a major portion of their income from the sale of oil. Economic pressure builds toward the outbreak of war. Imagine a world war atop the current mess. How dependent is China on American wheat?

The specter of world famine emerges as the supply chains falter and fail. People will soon shift from a ‘we’re all in this together’ mentality to a ‘who can deliver us from this crisis’ way of thinking. The promise of peace and safety will loom larger and more vital than ever before.

Having gone a generation now relying on the manufacturing might and cheap labor of other nations, can America even begin to go back to building its own cars, making its own clothing, blankets, coffee makers and the thousands of other items we rely on daily? Is there anybody in the country that still knows how to make things? Maybe Mexico. Hopefully Canada.

This war-time mentality is hateful to Americans and they just want things to go back to ‘normal.’ They will be so worn out by it in the next few weeks that they will be willing to accept any solution. They are also looking for somebody to blame.

Already, a ‘pastor’ of a megachurch in Florida has been arrested for carrying on services in the face of the shutdown. A news clip showed some redneck in a pickup shouting at them to shut the church down as he drove past. A story that has been reported repeatedly over the past three or four days involves a “deadly” choir practice that infected several people and may be linked to at least one death. Christians are being set up as terrorists, spreading the “deadly” disease.

For those of us looking for the Blessed Hope of the Rapture, these developments are delightful! It is the fulfillment of God’s word that is delightful, not the judgment of the wicked. That loss of souls for which our Lord died was what caused the bitterness in John’s stomach after he ate the little book in Revelation (Revelation 10:10). Prophecy is sweet in our mouths, but we cannot avoid mourning over so many lost souls because God is not willing that any should perish.

But the righteousness of God demands that the Earth suffer the fullness of His wrath; that those who have spurned the wooing love of God, shut their eyes to the miracles that can be seen everywhere in nature, clung to their self-righteous worship of false gods, or simply given themselves over to every sinful desire be called to account.

Everyone gets to choose for or against salvation. I believe most have already chosen and I pray that God will use this “crisis” to draw in the last few Gentiles, and even some Messianic Jews too!

We are well. Our needs are being met and the love of God flows over and through us. Our Blessed Hope burns more brightly than ever as we pray for God to send workers for the harvest. We can see the tares being bundled for burning as God prepares to gather the wheat into His Barn.

Keep looking upward, we’re another day closer. Let us know if we can help you. We love you.   In Christ,   Jerry

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