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For many months, instead of writing articles, God has channeled my writing into a correspondence with a very small Christian fellowship; hardly more than a family of believers. I believe it has been a time of learning to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as I used the writing opportunities to rehearse the promises of God to fellow believers.

I found myself in something of a shepherding role as I prayed and struggled to address issues of bitterness, unbelief, severe infirmity; various problems that required love, leadership, edification, and, at times, guidance and redirection. As God’s love, and His wisdom flowed through me, I invariably felt that I was receiving as much of the blessing as any other member of the fellowship.

On this page I want to share what I consider the best of those messages and any new ones that come to me. It amounts to a periodic commentary about what the Lord has shown us (both me and my loving wife, Casey), but without any regularity. In other words, it’s not a daily or weekly commentary, just a ‘whenever I have something to share’ blog. I hope it will bless you in some way.

[Note: Entries are in reverse chronological order]

Urgent Priorities 6/4/20 As we near the end of the Church Age, it is the harvest that we yearn to bring in. Everything we have experienced is momentary light affliction as we watch expectantly for the appearance of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Bones Which Thou Hast Broken 4/28/20 Despite small early signs of healing, I am looking to the Lord to see that miracle which will glorify Him in a dramatic way. I hope that is what He is planning. Not my will, but Thine be done!

Love After the Fall 4/26/20 The curtain is about to rise on the Tribulation, which means that a different curtain must finally fall to mark the end of the Age of Grace and the departure of the Church to the throne room of God! “Come up here…”

A Fall: Manifesting the Grace of God 4/20/2020 We have been so blessed to share the sufferings of Christ in furtherance of the Gospel. Rejoice with us!

Thoughts on the Corona Virus 4/1/2020 Thoughts about the current pandemic. Whether real or engineered, God is in control as we watch the world careen toward the end of days. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Rehearsing the Promises of God 3/31/20 Declaring our faith in the promises of God is a powerful way for us to frame and direct our walk with God. We can have whatever we ask for, in faith and according to His perfect will for us.

The Loss of a Sister 3/30/20 This message centered on the health concerns of a brother and the departure of a sister from our fellowship. The latter was the culmination of a very long struggle against bitterness and unbelief. I pray she comes back to us.

Getting our Bearings 3/28/20 A recap of the current prophetic signs that have been and are being fulfilled before our eyes is an encouraging way to see what God is doing and how we are very likely nearing that glorious moment when we are snatched up, laughing joyously as we join our Lord in the Clouds.

Clinging to Bitterness 3/27/20 Frustrated and saddened over the departure of our dear sister, I review some of the issues that I believe prevented her from opening her heart to receive the blessings and the healing available to her through the love, grace and power of God.

Jesus is the Center 3/26/20 Jesus is the very center of our walk with God. He is the way, the truth, and the life. If our primary focus is on anything other than our Lord, we are missing His perfect will for our lives and likely missing out on the joy that comes from walking with Him.

Living in Misery 3/25/20 The blessings we receive from God often come very much at our initiative. Our salvation assured, we can then have as much or as little of God as we desire. In His presence is fullness of joy though, so the wise believer seeks to remove those obstacles to fellowship with God. This is done by allowing the Holy Spirit to search your heart and surrendering to His leading.

The Last Straw 3/23/20 This earnest appeal to our dear sister, “Naomi,” trapped by bitterness and unbelief, was for her, the last straw – the straw that broke the camel’s back. Imagine trying to free someone from a bear-trap who is crying out in pain, but denies that their leg is caught in the steel jaws.

Shepherding One Another 3/22/20 Sometimes, loving one another in Christ requires us to speak a word of exhortation, a word of encouragement and direction to guide a brother or sister into a closer walk with the Lord. It isn’t always easy.

Amazing Grace! 3/21/20 The proper attitude of man under grace, and the things which gracious souls discover is a collection of gems that you can use to frame your walk with God now that He has rescued you from the penalty and oppression of a sinful existence.

A Desperate Cry to God 3/21/20 Faced with a diagnosis that may well be terminal, a dear sister hits the depths of despair. We look to the Lord and His promises for the answer.

Challenges of Faith 3/20/20 The emergence of the “world pandemic” in conjunction with personal crises, some major, some minor, are put into perspective by the word of God.

Lampstands of God 3/19/20 The “war time” mentality fostered by the recent upheaval in world events has engendered widespread fear, but it creates opportunities for us to let our lights shine and reach out to those dismayed souls searching for peace. How will our service to God change as we reach out to souls in the coming Earthly Kingdom?

A Thousand Shall Fall 3/18/20 Musings and reassurances in the face of a developing world crisis. It shall not come nigh us.

The Rise of Tyranny 3/17/20 One lesson of history teaches that nefarious elements within a nation can use perceived crises to bypass Constitutional protections and the legislative process that were designed to safeguard the power structure that protects our rights and property. Through such means, Adolph Hitler rose to power. Are those who failed to learn from history now wholeheartedly marching toward enslavement? Does their fear of death supersede their love of freedom?

The United States of PANDEMICA 3/16/20 Faced with grocery store shortages and the relentless propaganda designed to instill alarm in the masses, we look to the Lord for His peace and His loving guidance.

Follow-up to Big Religious Families: 12/4/19 From the “Confronting Legalism” Department. This is a follow-up to the letter I published in the article Big Religious Families back on 9/13/19. Sarah (a pseudonym for the sister that wrote the original email) responded to that letter. I will share her response with you here as well.

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